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SNV Library History

In memory of Sree Narayana Guru, the great leader of social renaissance in Kerala, a reading room was initially started in 1945 by the local leaders in Peringammala as 'Sree Narayanavilasam Vivekapradayini Samajam' for the purpose of Newspaper reading. The Samajam was subsequently renamed as ‘Sree Narayanavilasam Vivekapradayini Vayanasala and Gandhismaraka Grandhasala’ and affiliated to the Kerala Library Council (Kerala Grandhasala Sanghom) in 1946. Currently, the library is popularly known as SNV Library

The library began its functions in rented buildings in the proximity of Peringammala Junction in Kalliyoor Panchayat in the district of Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala). Books were donated to the Library by many well-wishers in the locality and with the support of enthusiastic executive committee, valuable books were collected from the people. Gradually, purchase of books was being done by utilising the annual grant received from Kerala Library Council. In 1954, a piece of land was donated by the Gramodharana Co-operative Society Ltd.No.2543, which was in existence in the locality at that time. Eventually, a thatched building was constructed and the library was shifted to its own building. The building was subsequently renovated to tiled roof. Since this old building was quite insufficient for the proper functioning of the library and in the year 1989, it was demolished and construction of a new building with sufficient space and infrastructural facilities was started..

The concrete roof building (Ground floor) was completed in the year 1993 and the Library was shifted to the present space on 12th July 1993. In this context, it is mentioned with high regards that the entire construction cost was met by the late President Sri.G.Sudhakaran. The first floor of the building was constructed in 1997 with the financial assistance of Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation and Directorate of Panchayats, Govt of Kerala.

In recognition of the effective functioning of the Library and Social activities in connection with it, the Kerala State Library Council upgraded our Library as the only reference library in Thiruvananthapuram taluk in 2002 as per the terms prescribed by the 11th Finance Commission.

As mentioned earlier, it started in the pre-independent era, and its activities were in tandem with library movement initiated & widespread in the state of Kerala. Interestingly, Travancore Grandhasala Sanghom (Travancore Library Union) was also started in the period to strengthen library related activities in the southern part of Kerala
The library celebrated Silver Jubilee in 1970, Golden Jubilee in 1995 and Diamond Jubilee in 2006. Eminent personalities in various fields of activity had participated in the celebrations at various functions.

The library may not be in existence without the invaluable service rendered by the former workers and their leadership for regular growth of this cultural centre. We mention the name of late Sri K.K. Kuttapan and Sri.S.K.Surendran, the founder secretaries for their sincere efforts for shaping the library in its present form.

The library also intervened in various social activities in the locality. In 1990, Women self help group was organised in various areas of Kalliyoor, Pallichal and Venganoor Panchayats. Proper trainings were given on various activities with the guidance of Centre for Development Studies, an autonomous research institute established in 1971 by noted economist Prof. K. N. Raj. There were about 30 such groups functioning under the Library. These groups were subsequently clubbed with the ‘Kudumbasree’ units.