Any Indian Citizen can be member of our library. It requires applying in prescribed application form duly filled, along with the entrance fees and also with a reference from an existing member. After processing the application form, if found eligible membership will be given. For online access to library website, user has to obtain username and password from the Librarian

Membership Category
Member Type Entrance Fees Subscription Borrowing Reference
A Class Rs51 Rs10 Available Available
B Class Rs26 Rs10 Available Not available
C Class Rs21 Rs10 Available Not available

General rules for all members

  • All Members are requested to maintain discipline inside the library.
  • 'A' Class Members can use the Reference Facility.
  • Memberd have to return the borrowed book within 15 days. A fine of 25 paise is charged for each day exceeding the due date.
  • If the book is damaged or not retuned must be compensated with a new book.
  • Members have to pay the subscription fees before 10th  of every month.
  • Student members have to provide the information about the parents.
  • Strict silence and maximum avoidance of use of mobile phone is requested from all members for making a serious reading atmosphere.
  • Filming of materials is not allowed without prior permission.
  • Bringing personal copies of printed materials, bags, file folders and eatables/drinks to the reading areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Please co-operate to keep the reading materials in good physical condition for the benefit of prospective users. Readers who underline, mark, cut or otherwise mutilate a document will be assigned full costs involved for replacing the damaged item. Similarly, loss of reading materials may invite penal charges.
  • Photocopying is limited to minimum as per copyright laws
  • Please co-operate by following library rules.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek the help of librarian for the fruitful utilization of resources and services.
  • Click to download membership form
  • For any suggestions or complaints you can mail to